Welcome to Stanford Projects Ltd

Security takes many different forms but here at STANFORD PROJECTS we essentially focus upon the protecting of life, welfare, business, assets and vitally the reputation of our Clients as well as our Clients' Clients.

STANFORD PROJECTS provide comprehensive security services. We aim our services at clients ranging from large corporate and government organisations to small and medium size businesses and individuals with very specific needs and requirements in the UK and Overseas.

Our network of highly trained security specialists ensures, reliability, for short and long-term services, and we are ready to be deployed 24hours a day, 365 days a year.

Here at STANFORD PROJECTS providing high quality services and setting high standards are our most important objectives. We aim to surpass the expectations of our clients regardless of their budget.

Do NOT hesitate to contact us in confidence whatever your security needs, no matter the budget. With genuine consultation needs, we are prepared to come to you to have extensive discussion about your needs and concerns, cost free.


Our Services

Manned Security

Security Guards are invaluable to personal welfare or assets protection for most clients.

Special Projects

Our Close Protection personnel as individuals or as a team will compliment your image and provide you with peace of mind.

Service Quality

We remain DISCREET at all times about clients we provide confidential services to.

Client Reviews

STANFORD PROJECTS has always provided Close Protection personnel for VIP and Artists booked for all our shows. We are always impressed with how efficient the Team is and we have never had any complaints from Artists, VIP guests or customers. GREAT JOB!


“Friendly and professional. They look switched on at all times, you can just feel their presence. My guests were impressed”

Close Protection Service Anonymous VIP Client.

“I am very jealous I will now have to share your great services with your new clients, good luck with the new company guys and stay true to your principles”

Ed Williams